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Flyers Can’t – Because It’s The Cup

No need for a cup, when you have no balls. Flyers Futility: Since 1975.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


Runaway Train

Mayor McCheese's reign of terror is over

Subway has passed McDonald’s as the biggest restaurant chain in the world. Analysts point to Subway’s healthier options, and constant raids on Micky D’s by the Hamburglar for the stunning development

Just Dessert

Blair River, the almost 600-pound spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill died on Tuesday. The lovable behemoth was only 29 years old. He will be remembered as the biggest American hero of all. See you in that big buffet in the sky brotha

Here's to you Blair. Now come on home

Break Out the Bubbly

As everyone knows, today is “Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day” all over the country.  The brain child of inventor Marc Chavannes is now in it’s 51st year of driving parents insane.

Thank you Marc Chavannes

Seattle Sleuth

Seattle superhero “Phoenix Jones” was beaten up over the weekend after intervening in a potential brawl. Jones, who spends many an evening patrolling the streets (presumably while his supermodel girlfriend watches over his mansion) didn’t quite save the day this time.

I wish criminals weren't so mean

Bend It Like Stalin

So Kim Jong-Il finally threw his people a bone. North Korea’s state-run television aired a Western-made film for the first time. And exactly what movie did the dear leader chose for his people? None other than “Bend It Like Beckham!” Apparently someone had already rented “Police Academy 3.”

"I thought this was the one with Rodney Dangerfield"

The Kid’s All Right

Billy the Kid, seen here looking at "royal ugly dudes"

In a close vote, New Mexico residents support a pardon for Billy the Kid. Supporters of the pardon believe that Mr. the Kid was granted his freedom in exchange for testimony in a murder case. The Kid was originally charged with the murder of Lincoln County Sheriff William Brady, but photo evidence places Billy in Medieval England with Socrates on that day