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Stumping for Trump

(Insert "you're fired!" joke here)

Michael Cohen, a Trump Organization VP, not to mention the cofounder of Should Trump Run (do I really have to explain what this site’s about?) was in Iowa trying to handicap The Donald’s chances for a presidential run



Last Stop, Flavor Country

Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee (D-Suffern) is attempting to get smoking banned on all LIRR, and Metro North train platforms. Now where am I supposed to smoke my morning bowl of opium? My car? That just doesn’t seem safe

Clean air is for pussies

Bend It Like Stalin

So Kim Jong-Il finally threw his people a bone. North Korea’s state-run television aired a Western-made film for the first time. And exactly what movie did the dear leader chose for his people? None other than “Bend It Like Beckham!” Apparently someone had already rented “Police Academy 3.”

"I thought this was the one with Rodney Dangerfield"

Jimmy Will See You Later!

Fear not New York! Jimmy McMillan is back, and this time, he’s running for president! The self-proclaimed karate master is planning on bringing his strangler gloves, and Wyatt Earp facial hair to Washington, and he has the BLOB’s full support. Don’t touch Jimmy!!

Jimmy and status quo politics kinda clash